Dance Me to the End of Love


Not funny

Aging: a practical joke the body plays on the soul

picture: unsplash

Mayday Mayday

Blood sugar levels dropping dramatically, nosediving into the nonsense-zone:


Twinkle, twinkle little cursor
you just waste your time
because a very hungry author
really does not want to rhyme


All these years
dealing with the chaos
you brought into my life
all these tears
shed as your wife

Your poker games with destiny –
questioning your God
whether he truly
believes in you or not

Your brilliant mind
the deeply frightened soul
your heart so very kind
emotions difficult to control

So many lessons I’ve been taught
and I am learning still
up and down through growing pains
sometimes distraught
and yet –
repeating it: “I will”



leaning hard on her
in dreams she fled

For summer’s song
a wild wild kiss
she would have left
gone with the gypsy wagon

leaning hard on her
into her soul she fled
For all that lies
beyond the pain
she stayed


Healer, you have been wounded. I can see your scars.
You are not young anymore. Your bones rattle.
Your heart skips beats. Whom do you think you can heal?

These old bones learned to shake with laughter.
My heart got wild, dancing its way through pain. I do not heal anyone –
it is the light that shines through my brokenness.